Flow Yoga: What to Expect

Flow Yoga: moving freely and gracefully from one pose to the next in a fluid motion like practice.

The way yoga has integrated into modern culture has allowed for more freedom with combining different styles into one class. One of the most popular influencers of Flow Yoga being Vinyasa Yoga.

Flow yoga unites breath with movement in a sequence; breathing in and out of a pose on an inhale or exhale.

Moving your body to the rhythm of your breath promotes circulation. This increase in fresh, oxygenated blood delivered to your muscles, organs and bones energies the entire body.

Flow classes are creatively sequenced by the teacher. Often beginning with gentler movements and sun salutations to warm up the body.

Progressively moving into more energising, flowing sequences which can include balances, inversions and peak poses.

The flowing movements may be combined with some longer held poses. Then finishing with calmer, deeper stretches – often floor-based asana practice. Ending in final relaxation – Savasana.

Classes vary depending on the teacher, intensity, and time of day.

To read the Sea Flow Yoga class descriptions in more detail click here.

To book a class with me, visit the contact page to write an email.


Love Em x

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