Deep Abdominal Breathing

Our characteristics, genes, lifestyle and routine all count to who we are, and each being uniquely different. We don’t move in one straight, rigid line; we move in waves, fluidly, with our mood, feelings, thoughts, senses and surroundings all constantly changing.

Thus making it a task to stay connected to who we are; a challenge to keep up with the constant spiral. To feel a sense of oneness is vital, yet I’m sure many of you can relate to me when I say, “how can I feel my sense of self when all thats around is constantly changing?”

This is where finding your flow and “going with the flow” can really help.

An important tool in finding your flow is finding your breath. Breath synchronisation in yoga is said to maximise the positive benefits of the practice, making it like a moving meditation.

The breath works by:

  • Maintaining the pace of the sequence, preventing rushing through poses
  • Keeping the body temperature consistent
  • Giving a greater mental focus
  • Helping block out distractions
  • Assisting in finding the proper form of poses

Finding your breath is so beneficial off the yoga mat too. For example, in a stressful situation your breath can spontaneously pick up a pace and shorten which feels pretty horrific thus not helping that stressful situation. This is where learning how important slow, deep breathing comes in handy; a beautiful tool to use at any time, anywhere.

To practice, start by standing, sitting or lying comfortably, become aware of your breathing, start to slow and deepen your breath; relax into your breath. Place one hand on your abdomen and now feel your breath as you inhale slowly, deeply, into the whole diaphragm, allow your whole abdomen to expand with the inhale and slowly release as you exhale.

Continue to practice this, and over time you’ll feel the benefits; helping with stress, anxiety, patience levels and more.

For more information, or to book a class feel free to pop me an email by clicking here.


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