Sea Flow Yoga is a practice for all – an open space to connect with authentic flow, move intuitively, explore flow-state and expressive, embodied movement. To trust, love and embrace the experience of moving with presence, curiosity and compassion. Flow yoga can help with strength, balance and flexibility, of both body and mind – creating a feeling of lightness, ease and relaxation.

Within a Sea Flow practice, we invite in creativity, we move intuitively, feel into sensations, explore, grow and evolve. Even though I do provide guidance and structure to the class, the practice is yours to enjoy, love and experience in your own wonderfully unique way. Movements can be calm, playful, energetic, soulful, expressive, freeing, slow, subtle, fluid, grounding, and stillness – all being part of the beautiful practice.

Emily’s Story

My Yoga practice began at the age of 15 as a way to help through long-term illness; the asana practice being a place I felt safe to be expressive, to tune into presence, move with awareness, release tensions and finding a sense of contentment. Over time the practice became a deepened exploration – growing curious into the connection between movement and breath, and the benefits of the practice on mental and physical health – such as reducing stress, anxiety and improving strength, flexibility of body and mind.

I spent my late teens in Santa Monica, California where my yoga and meditation practice matured through joining a studio with inspiring, renowned teachers and continued personal study. Once back in the UK this growing passion evolved, and eager to delve deeper I took my first teacher training with Real Flow Yoga. The Real Flow ethos honours personal growth and exploration, the flow-state and authentic movement while maintaining the wisdom and traditions of Yoga; bridging the gap between the ancient and contemporary.

My yoga journey continues to develop, especially while travelling – spending several months at a time in Asia – practicing and learning within yoga communities in India, Thailand and Bali. I currently live by the sea in Brighton, East Sussex, offering classes and workshops.

To find out more, email: seaflowyogauk@gmail.com


Love Em x


Weekly Schedule:

Flow State – Hove

Monday: 12.30 – Embodied Flow

Revitalise – Hove


7.30am – Wake up & Flow

11.15 – Rejuvenating Flow

5.45pm – Strong Flow *starting July

Friday: 12.30 – Yang to Yin

Saturday: 5.15 – Flow

*Available for cover Brighton & Hove.

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Private Sessions:

    • 1-2-1 classes online and face-to-face
    • Group and corporate yoga classes

Please get in touch for more information.

Brighton and Hove, UK
For all levels
Enquire for more details.

1-2-1: £35: 1 hour

Email me for more details:


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