Sea Flow…Flow State

Sea Flow approaches the practice of yoga by uniting flow state with movement of the body and mind, in turn enabling balance physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

“Listen to the body, tune into the body and allow body and mind to go with the flow.”

Research on the flow state from positive psychology studies has identified the factors that when combined, encompass the state of flow. Those within the flow-state described their experience with common phrases such as:

  • being fully focused
  • complete involvement
  • all attention on one thing
  • fully receptive and attentive to the moment

“This brings a vibrancy, creativity, joy and deep involvement within ordinary daily life. To empower you to enjoy self-acceptance, honesty and freedom” ~ Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi.

The flow state approach to yoga practice develops the individual’s intelligence in a way that unites them with the universal intelligence.

Enter your flow state.

Be real, authentic, mindful.

Trust the process.


Tammy Mittell, curator of Real Flow Yoga Teacher Training Course has beautifully influenced and inspired Sea Flow Yoga.

The Real Flow Yoga ethos respects and honours the flow-state, emphasising the cultivation of mindfulness, trust and authenticity.

“When we respect the principle of change, we align ourselves with the flow of life.” ~ Tammy Mittell

To book a class visit the contact page to get in touch!

Love Em x




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