Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra meaning yogic sleep, is a powerful relaxation-meditation technique and is practiced lying down in a comfortable position. It is one of the most loved relaxation practices known today.

As you learn to relax and to direct your attention deeper into yourself, you can discover your true self and many great things that lie within you.

Yoga Nidra can be used as a tool to support health and energy, which comes in handy for those living a busy day to day schedule.

Yoga Nidra is one of the best ways to remove deep-seated tensions and to improve your capacity to sleep peacefully. A good night’s sleep enables us to engage with and get the most out of each day.

The technique of Yoga Nidra includes several sections. Initially you rotate your awareness through the parts of the body to remove tensions. Then you focus on your breath aiming to maintain unbroken awareness of a slow breathing pattern.

Staying awake while you do this can be difficult and some people find that they will doze off part way through the practice, especially if they are already tired. If you can remain awake you are more able to go into a deeper meditation, developing awareness of mental images and other internal experiences.

As a result, Yoga Nidra takes you into a conscious sleep-like state where you can gain all the benefits of sleep, including deep rest and better health.

The aim of Yoga Nidra is to induce deep relaxation and recuperation of the body-mind that leads to greater self-awareness.

Practice Yoga Nidra with Sea Flow Yoga…

Relax and unwind…”Breathe. Believe. Be”

Love, Em x

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