Global Challenges and Togetherness


More than ever before is a feeling of the need for togetherness; not necessarily in the sense of being with people all the time but more so on an energy level. To feel as though we’ve got each other’s backs; with no fury, no resentment, no anger. This element of solidarity is a vital component within humanity.

Why did things get so brutal? Why are there wars? Why is there so much anger and pain in the world? The list goes on with questions we all think to but we can’t turn back time. So, instead how do we make a difference? A complex movement, but one we know needs to happen. To shift an entire force in humanity will take each of us putting in something.

That doesn’t mean we all have to stop our day and change things around in our lives completely – for many that feels and is an incredibly hard thing to do. But what we can do is ensure to do something good for the world and humanity on a daily basis. It can be as simple as providing a smile or kind words. Or sharing something positive and motivational on social media.

Then of course there’s those who are expanding their energy, wisdom and knowledge into hugely awe-inspiring things which we’ve seen especially over the last couple of weeks and several months since the two major global devastations. Subsequently for many, just getting by each day is a struggle enough and the thought of trying to do anything other than the day to day routine feels too challenging.

To those, you are doing enough just being you and getting by each day. The last thing that these times should entail for anyone is to feel an overwhelm of pressure, or like they aren’t good enough, or ‘human’ enough.

Basically, let’s all do what we possibly can and know that you are enough.

Sending my gratitude, respect and peace to you all, Em x


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