“Emily’s Seaflow Yoga is wonderful. I booked a 121 session and Emily tailored for my needs so we focused on a couple of tight areas and she gave me some great tips. Then we did a flow. It was relaxed, easy to follow her calm guidance and I felt amazing after the session. I’ve been doing yoga for nearly 30 years and will definitely continue to see Emily. Thank you”

“So it turns out I am a big fan of Sea Flow Yoga and I can’t recommend yoga with Emily enough! I came away feeling really relaxed and I loved every minute! – I’m already looking forward to the next class”

“Emily is a great teacher and her classes have enabled me to de-stress. I had lots of aches and pains and the flow yoga method has really helped with these as well. I will definitely be continuing with the classes- thanks Emily!”

“I had the fortune of meeting Emily before she embarked on her Yoga Teacher Training course with Real Flow Yoga, and truly believed she would be a wonderful asset to the Yoga teaching community. Her personality and character is ‘real’, authentic and true. Her passion for Yoga and care for her students shines through and I adore her natural teaching ability.”

“Emily teaches a beautiful class with calmness, encouraging words, clear direction and at a perfect pace throughout. I was grateful to be guided through a fabulous flow sequence which was both dynamic and relaxing with her supportive instruction. Thank you Emily, I look forward to the next time we can practice together.”

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